Leadership Acceleration

Creative Leadership Programme

Supports managers step-up into senior leadership roles and shift to leading with a strategic mindset

Team of business people

Enables team leaders

Enablesteam leaders unlock the human capabilities for winning in today’s economy.        

Executive Presence Programme

Supports managers develop an impactful executive presence and strategic communication style

Influencing & Negotiating

Enables executives develop the competence to influence stakeholders over whom they have no direct control.

Persuasive Presentations

Enables managers combine the right mix of facts and inspiration to communicate their ideas with clarity, impact and energy

Talent Acceleration

Promotion Ready Programme

Enables managers step-up and ensure their role readiness for next-level promotional opportunities

Strategy-Focused Interviews

Supports executives present their best strategic-thinking and value-add to hit the ground running 

Hourglass and calendar

First 100 Days Programme

Enables successful transition into new leadership roles with greater impact, speed and success

Manager as Coach

Enables managers embody the behavioural changes required in shifting to a coaching management style 

Coaching for Behavioural Change

Enables executives make the behavioural changes required to advance within the organisation

Programme Approach and Delivery FORMATS

Tailored to your organisation’s strategic context, culture and leadership framework. 

Individual Coaching

  • 5 x 90 minute coaching sessions
  • 3 month follow-up
  • 6 months start to finish
  • 6 month action plan
  • Between session support
  • Delivered on-site and online

Group Coaching

  • Min 4 – max 12 participants
  • 5 x 90 minute group coaching sessions
  • 3 month follow-up review
  • 6 months start to finish
  • Individual personal action plans
  • Between session support
  • Delivered on-site and online
  • Onsite sessions of half-day/full-day blocks

Bespoke Needs

  • Organisational solutions designed to meet unique needs.
  • Ad hoc coaching sessions to meet specific management requests.