Make solid progress in your personal development and enhance the quality of your relationships.

Learn a powerful tool for direct application in organisations and in personal and professional development processes.

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  • Allow you to advance steadily in your personal development.

  • Enhance the quality of your relationships.

  • Enrich the quality of your profession.

  • Have a powerful and reliable application tool for diverse areas including: Coaching, Leadership, HR, among others.

  • Join an International Learning Community that collaborates with prestigious schools (Chesnut Paes Enneagram Academy UK-USA, The Narrative Enneagram USA, Enneagram Training & Coaching Austria, Enneagram South Africa).

The Certification is made up of 3 independent Cycles:

1. Cycle I – Advanced Enneagram Course.

We delve into the Enneagram starting from its foundations until we reach its deepest part, all with an integrative vision.

2. Cycle II – Applications of the Enneagram.

Made up of several modules that cover applications of the Enneagram to specific areas such as Coaching, Communication, Mediation, Organisations, Education, Health, etc.

3. Cycle III – Deepening in the Enneagram.

Formed by a series of experiential modules (online and face-to-face) focused on gaining depth in the Enneagram.

In addition to these 3 cycles, the Certification gives you access to:

  • Individual Mentoring.

  • Work and Study Groups on interesting topics.

  • Completion of supervised internships.

  • Guided support in carrying out the Enneagram Application Project in the chosen professional field.

  • Lifetime membership to our TransFormation Community.

Completing the full Certification meets the requirements to apply for Professional Accreditation to the IEA (International Enneagram Association). See explanatory video.

Because it will allow you:

  • Carry out sustained personal development work.
  • Specialise and achieve professional accreditation. 
  • Keep abreast of the progress of the field of study.
  • Resolve any doubts you may have and have personal support through individual mentoring sessions (both for personal development and for achieving IEA Professional Accreditation).
  • Create your own professional application project.
  • Carry out internships and at the same time contribute socially.

To obtain the international certification, it is necessary to meet the following requirements within a maximum of 3 years:

  • 200 h of Education/Training
    • 110 hours of Cycle I (compulsory)
    • Rest of hours of Cycle II and III (see final calculation for accreditation based on the chosen modules)
  • 50 hours of Group Work
    • Guided Personal Work Groups – Periodic sessions in psycho-spiritual development work groups.
    • Theory Study Groups – Periodic study and research sessions on theory topics of interest with the support of a coordinator.
  • 10 hours of Mentoring
    • Individual support sessions for personal and professional development.
    • Accompanied sessions for the project to obtain Professional Accreditation from the IEA (International Enneagram Association).
  • End of Certification Project
    • Carry out a written review of what has been learned during the process (Cycle I).
    • Development of a personal project for the professional application of the Enneagram (during Cycle II and III).
  • 100 hours of Practice including 50 hours of Social Action
    • Completion of 100 hours of practical professional work with the Enneagram
    • Within the required practices, it will be necessary to carry out at least 50 hours of supervised practical professional work connected with the Enneagram and carried out in disadvantaged groups or groups with special needs.

Cycle I

Advanced Enneagram Course

Do you have any questions prior to registration?
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Gema de la Rosa and Gonzalo Morán

  • Online-Experiential Program (live).
  • Online Campus with extensive support and follow-up material.
  • Recording of sessions are available to rewatch for deepening your learning or if you missed a session.

60 h Workshops + 50 h Work and Study Group (110 h).

  • INTENSIVE (16 h/month, approx. 5 months)

      2 weekly sessions of 2 hours (Monday and Tuesday, from 18:30-20:30 CET-Spain time).

  • EXTENSIVE (8 hours/month, approx. 10 months)

      2 monthly sessions of 4 hours (alternate Saturdays, 16:00-20:00 CET-Spain time).

1. What are we here for?

The need for self-knowledge and self-development in our lives.

Why the Enneagram versus other systems.

Self Assessment

2. What is the Enneagram and what is its true use?

What is the Enneagram and how to make good use of it.

Origins and History of the Enneagram. Schools.

The Process of Disconnection-Projection-Identification.

The consequence: Levels of Mind.

Laws of the Enneagram: The 3 Key Questions of the Human Being.

3. What interests me in life?


Instincts on the Enneagram.

Imbalances in the Instincts.

4. Why do I do what I do?

Centres of Intelligence 

Imbalances in the Centres of Intelligence.

5. What is my strategy in life?

From the 3 Centres of Intelligence to the 9 Types.

Types: Vital Strategy, Passions and Fixations. Focus Attention, Blind Spot, Paradoxes. Defence mechanisms.

6. How is my life strategy specifically expressed?

The 27 Subtypes in depth: 3 different ways to express each of the 9 types.

The 3 Loves.

7. How do I solve problems, how do I behave socially and how can I gain balance?

Harmonic Groups.

Hornevian groups.

Attachment Styles, Equilateral Triangles, Hidden lines.

8. What is my greatest quality and how can I get it back?


Holy ideas.

9. Is there a specific path for my development?

Arrows and wings as resources within our reach.

The Child of the Soul.

The Arrows as a Path of Development.

Point of Energisation and Point of Resolution.

Levels of Consciousness. How to keep growing.

  • Learn you a complete and solid vision of the Enneagram.
  • Do in-depth personal development work by applying the Enneagram to your own life.
  • Move towards professionalisation  and accreditation.
  • The classes are made up of small groups with personalised supervision to ensure the quality of training.
  • Delivery is online-experiential, which allows you to enjoy the advantages of the virtual experience without losing the connection, follow-up and community of the face-to-face experience.
  • All classes are held via videoconference in real-time.
  • Participants and facilitators interact, do exercises in pairs or small groups, etc. and apply the contents to real life.
  • There is an online campus with a large amount of materials, recordings of the sessions, etc. to which you have lifetime access.
  • If you cannot attend a class, you can watch it later and you can even attend another edition of the course for free.
  • You can choose between the Intensive mode (4 hours per week, Monday and Tuesday) or Extensive (8 hours per month, alternate Saturdays).

Because it will allow you:

  • Have a broad, complete and deep vision of the Enneagram.
  • Delve into the Enneagram in a structured and progressive way.
  • Combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and with the application to your real life.
  • Use the training to obtain further professional accreditation.
  • Carry out the training in a comfortable format adapted to your situation.
  • Intensive Modality:
    • Monday 12 September 2022
  •  Extensive Modality:
    • Saturday 10 September 2022

See other editions here

Our goal is not just for you to leave with a certification, our goal is that the training allows you to achieve deeper self-knowledge which will help you in your life and will enable you to accompany others on the same path, if you so decide.

If you want to continue the process, the next step will be to arrange a Personalised Exploration Call with the aim of showing you the training in detail, explaining the different options, answering all your queries and seeing how this training can help your life and your professional work. 

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Cycle II

Enneagram Applications

In this second Cycle, a group of expert teachers, have applied the teachings of the Enneagram to various disciplines such as Coaching, Health, Education, or work in Organisations, among others.  They will guide you to put the Enneagram into practice, both personally and professionally, in order to enrich and enhance your performance in both.

This Cycle will also allow you to recognise and understand the patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour of people, groups and organisations, in order to accompany them to gain greater awareness and operate from a different and better paradigm that allows them to realise more of their real potential.

Do you have any questions prior to registration?
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Online-Experiential Program (Live)


  • Delivery of supporting documentation and follow-up.

  • Access to the recordings of the sessions.

Saturdays from 15:00-21:00 CET (6 hours).


1. Health and Emotional Management

Julio Bogeat

2. Stress Management and Conscious Self-Relaxation

Luisa Vela

3. Interpersonal and Couple Relationships

Concha Moreno

4. Psychotherapy, Personal and Group Development

Viviana Trucco

5. Coaching and Socio-Emotional Competencies

Gema Sánchez-Cabezudo

6. Communication, Positive Influence and Leadership

Susana de los Reyes

7. Mentoring and Talent Management

Pedro Espadas

8. Education and Creativity I and II

Marilena Borges

9. Consulting and Human Resources

Joyce Veloso

10. Motivation and Organisational Development

Pilar Martínez Borobio

11. Mediation, Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts

Margarita Guerra

12. Innovation and Kaizen Method Milena Flautero

Milena Flautero


Cycle III

Delving into the Enneagram

And now what? What do I do?

That is the question that many ask themselves when they already know (or think they know their type) and have worked with the Enneagram for some time.

In this third Certification Cycle, the different modules are aimed at taking this valuable system one step further in order to gain depth in our work and clarity on the steps we need to put into practice to work and live in a new way.

Do you have any questions prior to registration?
Book a personalised exploration call.

Online-Experiential Programme (Live)

  •  Delivery of supporting documentation and follow-up.

  • Access to the recordings of the sessions.

Saturdays from 15:00-21:00 CET (6 hours).



1. Typing Methods – Type Identification Interview

Gema de la Rosa

2. Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way School

Íñigo Postlethwaite

3. Family Constellations and Trauma

Verónica Molina

4. The Enneagram Live: Panels of the 9 Types I and II

Gema de la Rosa

5. Panel Interviewing Method

Gema de la Rosa

6. Gestalt Therapeutic Theatre and Enneagram

Álex Segovia y Amanda Buneta

7. Working with Blind Instinct

Pedro Espadas




Typing Interview

The Typing Interview is a methodology in which all the knowledge of the Enneagram is put into practice in a structured way to help others identify their type in a session of approximately one hour. This interview was developed by the Narrative Enneagram School of Helen Palmer and David Daniels and later revised and updated by the Chesnut Paes Enneagram Academy of Beatrice Chesnut and Uranio Paes. It is a very useful methodology to accelerate the progress of the process of self-knowledge and self-development.

Enneagram Coaching

Coaching is one of the areas where the Enneagram has a more visible practical application as it makes progress faster, more effective and more sustainable over time. The Enneagram enriches coaching in countless ways: by facilitating more appropriate and useful goal setting, by better speaking the client’s language, and by improving understanding between the client and coach, gaining greater clarity around your “immunity to change” system, among other competing agendas. Accompanying you in a combined Coaching and Enneagram process will enable you to better clarify the deeper motivations behind your behaviours and attitudes, and enable you to see both the potential and automatic patterns of behaviour of your Enneatype. 

Enneagram Counselling

Counselling helps and accompanies us on the path of transformation through brief therapies in which answers to specific conflicts are sought, which have to do with discomfort in life. Counselling puts the emphasis more on the emotional elements of the discourse than on the intellectual ones and the focus is on the person, not on the problem. Combined with the Enneagram, Counselling forms an impressive therapeutic tool that helps create a space together to explore the different areas of life, evaluate what has been going on, resolve conflicts and develop social skills and resources. All this allows the development of human potential, since it opens paths, explores personal resources and strengthens self-esteem in a healthy way in a climate of security and trust.

Enneagram for Companies

The Enneagram helps us understand and manage ourselves better as people, and it also helps us understand and improve our relationships with others. Additionally, the Enneagram can be used as a systemic model applicable to the organisational environment, to work with groups and work teams, and even with the organisation as a whole. This work allows us to anticipate where we are going to find difficulties in our teams, to see what we are missing, to understand why the organisational culture is the way it is and to begin a process in which both individuals, as well as the group and finally the organisation, gain awareness and can develop and grow together to give rise to a more sustainable and human organisation.

Enneagram for Entrepreneurs

The Enneagram is a powerful gateway for all those who face the challenge of launching their own business, being their own boss and self-management; since it is in this context of self-leadership where our patterns will most manifest.  Therefore, if you want to learn to know yourself and understand why you do what you do, understand how you can maximise your potential, or increase your sales without tricks, but from a place of authenticity and being able to speak your customer’s language, or discover how to act in moments of crisis, when it seems that everything is getting out of hand. To better handle these and many other challenges, we invite you to delve into the Enneagram with this specific programme for entrepreneurs.